Publishing Your Dreams

When you write a book, you are putting a dream into print. When you take a course about  publishing, you begin an adventure — seeing your words in print.

Even if you can only spend a couple hours writing each week, you can write a 175-page book within a year — at half a page a day. After writing 15 book in 5 years, I can say dreams do come true.

The classes I’ve created on Teachable let you take advantage of the techniques I’ve learned to be a successful author. Why spend months learning when you have a ready-made shortcut?

These links describe the classes and guide you to each syllabus at Teachable — the online teaching platform that hosts these pragmatic courses. Busy people need the information that will help them determine whether to get a book to readers and, if so, how to go about it.

Thinking Through Self-Publishing  Free for a time!
Writing and Publishing When Time is Scarce
Writing in Retirement: Putting New Year’s
Resolutions to Work
…more to come


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