It’s Never to Late to Write

After years of working at a career and/or raising a family, you may find yourself with a more flexible schedule and an idea for an article or book. Or a bunch of them.

You can write simply for enjoyment or to share family history. You can also write for publication, intending to make more than money for coffee. I have done the latter since late 2011.

My choice was to write mysteries and the occasional play, and I’ve had fun doing it. Though I would write without a publishing goal, it’s been fun to see books on sale for Kindle or as paperbacks. I made money!

After publishing several books, I realized that I had spent probably hundreds of hours to learn how to format ebooks and paperbacks and find ways to sell them. I wanted to share some of my knowledge. Perhaps it’s because I was an oldest child and was used to telling younger siblings what I thought.

The more altruistic reason was that I saw no reason for others to spend as much time as I did when I could condense and the information and provide it on my blog or through talks at libraries and professional meetings.

You can see some of what I’ve learned and shared at my other blog, Irish Roots Author ( Ironically, it’s the outreach to assist others that has brought me the most contact with other authors. And it’s been fun.

I keep pumping out my three mystery series ( However, I’ve added some more formal sharing by setting up a class via Teachable, an online course site.

Classes will begin in mid-December. If you’d like to know how to access courses, I’d be happy to share that information. For now, contact me at

Within two weeks, you’ll see a lot more activity on the Lifelong Dreams blog. I look forward to sharing with and learning from others who want to put their experience to work by writing books, articles, blogs, and more.


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